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SWZ|Maritime, formerly known as Schip en Werf de Zee, has been the leading Dutch brand for technical professionals in the maritime industry for over 75 years.

  • SWZ|Maritime magazine
    Eleven times a year, the magazine brings its readers the latest developments and news from all areas of maritime industry. SWZ|Maritime features different specials throughout the year, focused on topics such as naval vessels, inland shipping, fuels, propulsion technology, yachts and much more.
  • Digital SWZ Archive
    The SWZ – Akerboom Archive contains all issues and articles of “SWZ|Maritime”, ”Schip en Werf de Zee”, “Schip en Werf” and “Het Schip” published since 1919. With ship descriptions, technical developments and news, the archive spans nearly a century of maritime progress.
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SWZ | Maritime

Verschijningsdata SWZ | Maritime 2021

EditieVerschijningenThema's in SWZ | Maritime
129-01-2021100 years Spliethoff
226-02-2021Seafarers, education and training
326-03-2021Energy transition seagoing vessels / Wind-assisted propulsion (WASP)
423-04-2021Energy transition inland navigation
528-05-2021Dredging / deepsea mining
7/827-08-2021Ship Recycling
1022-10-2021Euroports / Maritime Awards Gala
1119-11-2021Fishing Industry
1217-12-2021North Sea 2030: spatial planning, eco systems and safety