we are MYbusinessmedia

Our ambition is to inform, inspire and help Dutch SMEs to reach and  connect with their customers. That is our drive, every day.

MYbusinessmedia sells fashion magazines Textilia, Schoenvisie and Bengels to Afdeling M. For more information: click here.

MYbusinessmedia sells magazines Schuttevaer, SWZ and Automobielmanagement to ProMedia. For more information: click here.

Up-to-date and relevant information

It’s not always easy to stay informed on the latest developments in your own industry. To know what changes are important, and how to react on these. MYbusinessmedia helps SMEs and professionals with up-to-date and relevant information about their business sector. We create a wide range of market leading magazines, trade journals, websites, newsletters, apps and events for the following industries: manufacturing and processing, food and engineering.


(online) Media and marketing partner

With our brands we offer advertisers a platform to reach more than 400.000 SMEs and professionals, to reach, touch and interconnect. Vraag&Aanbod, VMT and EngineersOnline are some of these brands. With our custom solutions we help, as online media and marketing partner, our advertisers to not only reach their existing clients, but also to discover new clients and target audience. We not only give you the means to an end, but also help you with strategic advice and execution.